June 2011

Thoughts on…BODY FOR LIFE!

June 30, 2011

Morning! What a GORGEOUS one too! I’m so thankful to be on day 2 of summer vacation. Dan 1 was a busy one! I filled basically my entire day with meeting with a referral partner/client (YAY!), working on my sugar workshop, helping my sister with her milk allergy, seeing my Aunt, etc. Lots of good [...]

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What’s Up Summer?!

June 28, 2011

School’s out for summer!! Today is the last day of school! I can’t believe I made it through this year in one piece. It was a challenging year between state tests, data, data and more data. Oh and paperwork. Honestly I can say I really truly loved my class. They make me smile and laugh [...]

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Beach Run and Weekend Recap

June 27, 2011

Monday!! ┬áThe last Monday of the school year! My happiness is just out of control. This weekend we went to the Jersey Shore to see Danny’s family. The weather was PERFECT beach weather, a perfect breeze, not too hot. I would say great waves…but I never go in the water…past my ankles. I’m a sit [...]

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How to Make 26 Students Happy: Chocolate Chip Muffins

June 24, 2011

Happy Friday! and Happy FIRST Friday of SUMMER! Does it get any better than that? Well it might because next Friday I’ll officially be on summer vacation! Today in class we are having a cultural celebration. It’s basically an excuse for all the kids to bring in food that they love to eat with their [...]

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