September 2012

37 Weeks: Pregnancy Things I Couldn’t Live Without!

September 28, 2012

Happy 37 weeks Baby C! As baby moves around my stomach this morning, getting all comfy, I truly cannot believe that anywhere in the next 3 weeks this baby will make it debut into the world. Amazing. I just keep reminding her/him to be nice to me while making her/his entrance. Danny keeps doing the [...]

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Thursday Thoughts & Randomness

September 27, 2012

I was pretty fired up after I wrote yesterday’s post about Lady Gaga and her “weight gain” and I wasn’t surprised to see that so many of you felt the same way! I loved reading all of your comments and responses to what’s going on. As I was watching the news and searching around the [...]

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Did you hear? Lady Gaga Gained 25 Pounds!

September 26, 2012

Hello Wednesday. How’s it going for you this morning? I have a little bit of a controversial topic to bring up this morning. I watch the Today Show every morning, while I eat breakfast, have coffee and do work. It’s a background noise thing for the morning. Depending on what I have going on for [...]

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Life Lessons I’ve Been Learning

September 25, 2012

These days I’m being taught 2 major lessons on a daily basis. Patience and gratitude. These 2 lessons are going hand in hand for me. I’ve always been a pretty patient person, but running my own business has brought it to a new level. Whenever I want to crawl into a hole, or into my [...]

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