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I Met Jillian Michaels: Curves in 30 workout!

January 16, 2014

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to go to a Curves event that was led by Jillian Michaels.  I love Jillian and have been a fan for many years. I have written about how her podcast is a great way to find (free) motivation and even get to know her better. Curves has revamped their [...]

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Week in Review: Workouts, Blog Reads & Pics

January 5, 2013

Good morning and Happy Saturday! I finally slept last night! And it’s not because my little one slept well (because she didn’t) but it’s because my sleep anxiety only kept me up for 1.5 hours. I haven’t had sleep anxiety since I was teaching…blah. (It’s usually because I put pressure on myself to get XX [...]

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Sleep, Workouts and More New Mom Things

January 3, 2013

Oh sleep. Or lack of. I just spent the past 30 minutes reading every blog I could remember about babies and sleep. It brings me comfort that other babies weren’t sleeping through the night at 11 weeks. Right now we’ve been doing the dream feed for almost a week. I *think* it’s helping. A couple [...]

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Post Pregnancy Body: A Look at My New Fitness Plan

December 6, 2012

Good morning! It’s Thursday…which means it’s almost Friday! Not that I’m rushing time away, I love my weeks with Olivia..but I do love when Danny can be home with us even more. Today I go for my official 6 week post birth checkup, even though it will be 7 weeks on Saturday. Let’s just say [...]

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