Easy Lunch: Tofu Lettuce Wraps

January 5, 2012

Every morning I wake up and am surprised at how dark it is out. The morning is my favorite time of day and I just feel like it should be sunny and bright out. I’ve been waking up, coming downstairs and turning on the fireplace immediately. Love the fireplace and it’s ability to turn on [...]

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Tofu Thursday

November 18, 2010

Has this been the world’s slowest week for anyone else? I think it’s because I’m so excited for the half marathon this weekend, only 3 days to go! This morning we went for our last pre-race run we did our typical morning loop, nothing crazy. It felt good, but I’m looking forward to resting my [...]

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Press It Out, Tofu Style

May 20, 2010

Did anyone watch this weeks Glee yet? Who knew Neil Patrick Harris had a singing voice? I certainly didn’t. Even though Glee can be a little corny with some of their dance numbers, I’m totally into it. I just eat it all up. Danny literally feels awkward sometimes when he watches it, but I just [...]

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Orange Glazed Tofu

October 21, 2009

I bought some tofu the other day and I never use all of it at once (partly because Danny won’t touch the stuff and one block is too much for me to eat at once). I was looking for a way to cook it all at once and then save it for leftovers for lunch [...]

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