What’s Beautiful?

by Nicole on May 7, 2013

After I posted about why I stay fit last week, I got an email from FitFluential that I was going to be a part of Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful campaign. It kind of fits in perfectly for me with that post.

You know how passionate I am about making a healthy lifestyle work for you. It has to be do-able. You have to be able to keep it up for life..which is why I always talk about eating GOOD, DELICIOUS, HEALTHY, REAL food without restricting. You also have to be able to fit in exercise in a way that works for your busy life. And for some of us that means 20-45 minutes most days of the week..because that’s how it works in our life.

So what’s beautiful to you? To me, what’s beautiful is being strong and healthy. It has more to do with inner and outer strength that the shape of your abs and legs. What’s beautiful to me is being able to run to keep up with my children. What’s beautiful is living a long, healthy, meaningful life.

What’s beautiful to me, also means making time for my husband to work out. The first couple of months, when we were in survival mode, I was exercising, but when he came home, I would hand him Olivia and he would basically take over. Once the newborn months were over, I realized that it’s just as important for him to get back his fitness as it is for me.

How do I plan on doing this? Well to start, exercising 4-6 days of the week. I’ve been working on this since I’ve started on my post baby body journey in early December. I’ve made great strides since then, working on increasing my weights and running faster. But I’m not done…or even close to it!  I want to be even stronger and faster and I’m working on this throughout this campaign (and beyond). It’s not easy to do when you’re busy and/or you have a family. But we can make it work. It may not always mean getting in your most ideal form of working out, but push yourself and find someone else you can like that FITS and WORKS for you…in your own time period.

Being honest, I’ve thought about stopping blogging because I lacked motivation to post. But then I realized, I don’t need to post all the time, or even too often, but I’d miss my writing outlet. And my main goal with blogging is helping to inspire and motive people to show them living a healthy life doesn’t have to be time consuming. You can fit in fitness and eat well, while living your busy life. I really encourage you to sign up for the What’s Beautiful campaign.  Let’s find motivation together to work on and achieve our goals!

You can also join my team and we can motivate each other to work out and move 4-6 times a week! I’ll be uploading pictures and videos to track my progress!


I will continue to work on and build my strength and speed. I will eat healthy to give me energy and live my best life.

What is beautiful to you? What are you going to work on? Don’t forget…join Under Armour and put your goal out there.

Go after it in a big way and achieve what you haven’t in the past! 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsered post by Under Armour & FitFluential. I was not compensated for this post. 

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MIz May 7, 2013 at 12:23 pm

whats beautiful to me? BEING PRESENT. Embracing life and not forgetting whats important. INCLUDING MY FAMILY IN MY FITNESS—and not having it something which takes me from them.



Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean May 7, 2013 at 4:21 pm

love that you’re incorporating healthy eating. i’m incorporating that into mine too- healthy, wholesome food to fuel strong bodies! love


Christine @ Love, Life, Surf May 11, 2013 at 9:55 am

I do love the whole idea behind the What’s Beautiful campaign and really how it’s made people think differently about what beauty means. I agree that it’s both inner and outer beauty. I also love that you are focusing on making time for your husband to exercise too. It’s such a hard balance sometimes and I know that I’ve put the priority on myself more than my husband. If only one of us has time to work out, it’s usually me. Definitely something that I’m working on.


www.evenly.org May 27, 2013 at 12:06 am

Thanks for sharing…….:)
I never had idea about this till now.


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