Blissful Eats Giveaway!

by Nicole on July 10, 2014

I thought it would be fun to do a Blissful Eats giveaway and share it with you all! We have three different varieites, Maple Nut Crunch (paleo/vegan), Honey Blueberry & No Nutty Chocolate Chip (nut free). I personally am biased and love them all…and want to share the love with you!


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Good luck! I’ll announce the winner next week! :)

Don’t forget, if you don’t want to wait you can find us on Blissful Eats and on Amazon! THANK YOU all for your support. It means the world to us! <3


Preschool Fail & A Giveaway!

by Nicole on July 9, 2014

Good morning!

I feel like I have so much to write about that I don’t even know where to start.


Last week Olivia and I started Mommy and Me “preschool”. It was a disaster. Like a complete disaster. She cried the entire time….for 75 minutes. I won’t make excuses for her, but I’m hoping there were a few factors that played into it that won’t happen today. She was sick a couple days before (but she was 48 hours fever free by morning of preschool), she hadn’t eaten breakfast or had milk (she doesn’t like to eat right away when she gets up, so she wouldn’t take any food….and I offered her spoiled milk even though I had just bought it at Whole Foods*), AND she’s not a fan of new environments unless it’s a playground.

With all that said I hope today is better. Liv LOVES kids and toys and singing….so I don’t know why she wouldn’t like preschool (especially when I’m staying the entire time!) We’ll see how it goes. Also on the spoiled milk front…it didn’t smell and I can’t drink milk, so I had no clue it was spoiled until Danny tasted it at night. I didn’t even think it was spoiled because we had just bought it the previous day (and expiration wasn’t for 2 more weeks!)

Any tips would be appreciated. I’m going to bring some extra milk for her. You can’t bring your own snacks so that’s out, but I’ll try bringing a doll or lovey too. I also may try to get my cousin to come for reinforcements since she loves her so much.

Everything else with toddler-dom is great….mostly. ha! Liv is so much fun and repeating every single thing. She sings to Let it Go, Brave and  Sam Smith’s Stay with Me to name a few. I have no clue how normal that is that she sings and hums along with the words/tune but it amazes me. I think her development has always been pretty ordinary (but obviously extraoridinary to watch for me!) but I think she does have amazing something going on in the music department.

Liv also told me she wants to get O-U-T of her car seat yesterday. My mom was teaching her “O-U-T, OUT!” the day before and she thinks it funny to use it about her car seat. And by funny I mean she repeats it 4048235 times because she still hates her car seat. Other funny things she says “LOL”, except that’s only when I tell her to repeat it.


20.5 months is FUNNY and I know it will only get funnier from here.

20 months:

  • Puts garbage in the trash she finds on the floor, whether inside or outside.
  • Sings to multiple songs
  • Still picky as HELL with eating, but randomly will take down large amounts of food.
  • Still hates bath time and on a hating bed time streak as well.
  • LOVES her babies and lovies. Walks around with them and takes them everywhere.
  • LOVES balls, planes, the swing, being outside, playground, dogs, birds.
  • Asks to go t the beach everyday (yet won’t walk on the sand barefoot…or go near the ocean.)
  • NO is a huge part of her vocabulary.
  • Copies every word, phrase, hand movement and gesture we say and do.
  • LOVES Elmo and Murray from Sesame Street.


I’ll be back to share my Blissful Eats giveaway with you here, but for now if you want to enter (using Rafflecopter) go to our Facebook page and enter here! 


Reebok Crossfit in Union Square!

July 2, 2014

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok. Last week I got the pleasure of attending a crossfit workout in Union Square. I went with 3 other FitFluential bloggers to experience an outdoor, FREE, workout. I have done a couple other Crossfit workouts in the past and really like them. I [...]

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Summer Fancy Food Fest!

June 30, 2014

Good morning! Yesterday, today and tomorrow I am at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York with Blissful Eats. Danny and I went yesterday and I was BLOWN away at everything. There are brands from small like me, to Purely Elizabeth, to Nikki’s Coconut Butter to Fage to Beanitos. I’m not going to be [...]

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