July 2009

Water: Why YOU should be drinking it!

July 31, 2009

I am always walking around with at least one of my Camelbak water bottles. Do they always get drank….um no. I do try and drink at least two of them today (but sometimes, I’d just rather drink…iced coffee…). I am always looking for more ways to drink water and I have found that cutting up [...]

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HG’s Dan Good Turkey Chili

July 30, 2009

On Sunday we were walking through the food store and all the sudden it came to me, dinner was going to be turkey chili. I walked past the ground turkey meat and I just had a craving for it. I basically knew what I needed so I grabbed the 94% lean turkey meat, ran down [...]

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Go Green: Buy a BPA Free Water Bottle!

July 29, 2009

Last summer I made the switch to a BPA free reusable water bottle. I was at our annual beach week in New Jersey when Danny’s sister came in with about four reusable water bottles. I was interested in them especially because they looked so cute in the bright colors and flip top straw. Also, I [...]

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Fan Favorite: Spicy Barbeque Chicken Dip

July 28, 2009

This chicken dip reminds me of something that would be a big hit at a Super Bowl Sunday party; but there’s no need to wait all the way for football season to break this one out! The regular version of this recipe could be DANGEROUS, but the swaps make it figure friendly without sacrificing the [...]

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