December 2011

A Look Back on 2011!

December 31, 2011

A perk of having a blog is that you can look back and see what you did throughout the year. I looked back on my last years post on December 31st and I liked it so much I decided to do it again. (source) In 2011 (in no particular order): I found a new yoga [...]

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2011 Superlatives!

December 30, 2011

2011 is about to walk out the door and 2012 is coming on in! I think we are all excited about the hope and promise of a new year. It’s new and fresh and exciting. We don’t yet know what’s to come. I know there are so many bloggers reflecting on this past year by [...]

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Merry Berry Christmas Drink!

December 29, 2011

Hi guys/gals! I’m so crikety this morning…and I think it’s from my lack of yoga in my life. I need to get to my mat at some point, but I know it may not happen until next week…although I might be able to make it happen before I leave for Jersey tomorrow. What are you [...]

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Vlog 3: Chocolate Cheesecake Bars with Enjoy Life Cookies

December 28, 2011

Morning! I’m trying to keep up with doing a weekly vlog for you guys. You (as in my readers) have been telling me that it’s helpful to actually see the recipes in action sometimes, instead of just reading recipes. I’m trying to do one a week, so if you have any recipes you’d like to [...]

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