Wave Sayonara’s & Mezamashii Running

by Nicole on July 1, 2013

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno.

I have seen Mizuno all around twitter and from other blogger’s wearing them, but I honestly never really looked into them. I’ve heard about their Mezamashii Run Project but was just confused by it until I took the time to learn about it.  “Mezamashii” is a Japanese word that translates to “brilliant” or “eye-opening,” and is deeply rooted in the Japanese heritage of Mizuno, which was founded in Osaka, Japan in 1906. Mizuno wants to help you experience more brilliant running.

Since becoming a mom, running has linked me to my pre-baby self. I was lucky enough to run through 36 weeks of pregnancy and then continue post baby. When I lace up my sneakers I feel like my old (pre-baby) self. I attribute much of my being happy as a new mom (especially in the early, hectic days) to the fact I could run and it was just me and my sneakers (and a baby monitor…but still…) 


I have been in running in the Mizuno Wave Sayonara’s for about two weeks now. I’ve run 1-5 miles in them so far. For the past 2+ years I’ve been running in Brooks, but I wanted to give another running shoe a try…and I REALLY needed new shoes, so when I had the chance to try these out I jumped on them.

I love that they are a stability shoe, but they are light. As soon as I put them on they felt great on my foot.They honestly fit perfectly. (I’m a 7.5 typically and was in these too.) I didn’t get to choose the pink color, but I love that too. I usually pick brighter running shoes, just makes things more fun.

The support in the shoe is great. I REALLY ran my last pair into the ground and I didn’t realize how much support I was lacking. I was starting to get some minor IT band pain, which is my indicator I needed new shoes like yesterday. Once I switched to the wave sayonara’s it literally went away.


My favorite parts about the Wave Sayonara:

  • Lightweight & not clunky
  • Supportive and has a nice cushion
  • Very comfortable
  • Flexible shoe
  • Love the color (It also comes in white/lime punch)

I’ve never run in Mizuno’s before but the Sayonara is the “love child” of the Wave Precision and Wave Elixir’s. According to Mizuno, the Wave Sayonara’s are “their lightest everyday training shoe yet. Speed is now more accessible than ever and something that can be attained on a daily basis. Sayonara’s are light, low to the ground, and versatile so any run can be as fast as ever.”

They’ll be on sale to the public July 5th and will retail for $119.99. Get them at Mizuno Running.

To check out more about Mizuno Running and the meaning of Mezamashii Running check out this video below. (Guess what? My amazing friend Michele is in this!! So you MUST watch!)

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