Olivia’s 10 Month Update!

by Nicole on August 21, 2013

How is it another full month already? My little monkey is getting so big.


Olivia is just so fun. When she was first born we had (what it seemed) this super laid back baby that just kind of went with everything we did. We kept waiting for the shoe to drop and for her to start crying like newborns do, but it never really happened. Danny and I were just talking about last night how her personality in so many ways is the same as when she was first born. She just goes with what we do (although I’m pretty strict with sticking to her schedule, so I’m sure that helps too…) 


Olivia is such a happy girl. Of course she has her off moments or days, mostly when she’s teething, but overall she’s a smiley girl.


What’s new this month:

  • Claps hands on request.
  • Waves on demand.
  • Stands without holding on for a few seconds. (Yesterday she went from squat to standing for the first time!)
  • Walks quickly with her motorcycle.
  • Says MAMA! (not really with meaning yet…but I’ll take it.)
  • Also says dada, baba, hi, hey, nana and other babbles. (no meaning)
  • Plays ball. (we roll it to her, she picks it up and attempts to roll it back.)
  • Got second tooth and now working on both top teeth.
  • Took her first unassisted step!
  • Loves dogs and kids.
  • Kneels and bounces on her knees.
  • Gives kisses.

There has been a ton of development with language and understanding this month. She doesn’t talk with meaning yet, but she seems to understand a lot more.


Teething: Her two bottom teeth came in between 8.5 and 9.5 months. She’s now working on her top two teeth. I imagine they’ll be through in the next two weeks judging by how long the first two took to pop through. She’s very pleasant during the day, but her naps are shorter and she has trouble falling asleep on the worst nights. We give her an ice cube in the mesh feeder and on the worst nights we do motrin.


Food: We went through a food strike about two weeks ago. It started when we took our road trip to South Carolina and continued into that whole week past that weekend. I think it was a combo of vacation and teething. It was tougher on me (than her) because I was so concered about her eating. I just continued to offer high nutrient food like avocado, almond/sunflower seed butter mixed with whole milk yogurt or oatmeal, ezekial toast, etc. She eventually got past it and went back to normal eating. Her favorite foods are still yogurt, toast and chicken/chicken sausage/fish. She has recently started to eat brown rice and avocado. Liv also didn’t love veggies that weren’t pureed but we’ve started to make some progress with that!

Car Trips: I think we’ve made some strides in the car seat department. I mean she didn’t have much choice. In the past month we’ve road tripped to South Carolina and Boston. She doesn’t really like to sleep in the car, but after a little melt down on the way to Boston she slept for 1.5 hours and then on the way home she went RIGHT to sleep and slept for 1.5 also. Basically she’s fine if someone is in the back entertaining her.


Daily Life: Since her naps have been shorter, we’re trying to keep her up until her normal bed time of 7-7:30, so we have been going for nightly walks for about 10 minutes. It’s SO nice to get out after dinner and enjoy the last days of summer. Liv’s so happy to get outside again and LOVES the baby bjorn (which will have to be sadly retired soon…)

IMG_2452That’s all for now…until next month!

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char eats greens August 21, 2013 at 12:18 pm

Livi, stop growing up!!! She’s so adorable!! Nia isn’t really a car sleeper anymore either. We went to a friend’s on Sunday and she was just SO not happy, so I went back to sit beside and then she fell asleep a few mins later. I guess all she needed was the comfort!!


Brittany (Healthy Slice of Life) August 21, 2013 at 1:58 pm

H won’t sleep in the anymore either. Olivia seems so full of personality- SO cute!!


Michelle August 21, 2013 at 8:32 pm

She is so CUTE! I just love her hair. Eeek on taking unassisted steps – you are in TROUBLE!

Those little jean capris are killing me. Where were they when my Livie was a baby??

Happy 10 months!


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