March 2014

I’m Drinking More Water…Again

March 28, 2014

Every couple of months I get into a groove of not drinking enough water…and then I realize it (well I always realize it, I just don’t particularly care) and I try to make myself drink more water. I’m on about week 3 of my drink more water movement. When I was trying to do this [...]

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Week 3 Food Budget Challenge & Cashew Almond Oat Bars!

March 26, 2014

Week three of my food budget challenge was a success! I spent $133.85! I actually can’t believe I got it so low. I probably will be much, much closer to $150 this week. As it comes closer to Friday I can feel I spent so little because our fridge is looking a tad bare. Like [...]

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What: 17 Months Style

March 24, 2014

17 Months…is FUN. I didn’t realize how much fun having a toddler would be. Our days are way more entertaining than when she was a little baby. I saw the idea for this post on Kelly’s blog so I thought it would be fitting for Liv’s 17 month update instead of a typical write up. [...]

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Fitness: Cardio queens & why I’m not getting any stronger or faster

March 20, 2014

Happy, happy SPRING. We’ve all been waiting a LONG time for this day…I think I woke up in an immediate good mood (even though I thought it was Friday). Now if only the 50′s+ would stick around. Fitness! I haven’t really blogged about anything fitness related in awhile, not because I’m not exercising, because I [...]

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