January 2011

I’ve Got Some Big News…

January 31, 2011

What a Monday! I have a couple of great announcements…some bigger than others.. 1. We’re going to Italy over Easter Break! We booked it a couple of weeks ago, but i haven’t announced it yet on the blog. I don’t know why because it’s certainly blog worthy. We will be traveling the Amalfi Coast for [...]

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How to Have a Great Weekend

January 30, 2011

Here is a how to have a fool-proof good weekend: 1. Start with coffee and granola. 2. Do yoga..okay maybe not here…but you can pretend, right? 3. Bring back an old favorite…hummus. 4. Spend time with friends at a really amazing restaurant. (La Esquina) 5. Have a birthday and dance party with your nieces and [...]

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Snow Day!

January 28, 2011

Happy Friday!! Wednesday night I acted like I was the age of my students…so that would be all of 10 years old. I couldn’t sleep…for anything. I tried switching locations, sides, tv shows, blankets, nothing was working. I wasn’t tired at all….and the more tired I wasn’t, the more annoyed I got. I was anticipating [...]

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Blueberry Oat Muffins (vegan)

January 27, 2011

Granola detox has officially begun. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I made chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookie dough balls.… and now I need a detox from those. So onto my next fixation, which is really an old obsession: muffins. I make all types of muffins, pumpkin chocolate chip, apple pie, peanut [...]

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