Bringing It back to College

by Nicole on June 3, 2011


Hello! I’m posting this from the car as I’m off to Providence! (don’t worry Danny is driving!)

The time has finally come to go back to college! I think a bunch of five year reunions are this weekend, so if you’re going have an amazing time! Soak up every second!

This morning I got up, responding to some emails and hit the gym. I did 25 minutes of HIIT on the elliptical and then did an upper body workout both from body for life. I haven’t lifted that heavy….maybe ever so I’ll be interested to see if I’m sore. And by heavy, let me clarify up to 22 pounds (free weights) which is heavy for me!

I left the gym in exactly one hour, quick and intense!

Then I headed to trader joes where I proceeded to spend way too much money. I picked up a bunch of goodies to bring with me like hummus, chips, limes, pink lemonade (with stevia!). Clearly I’m bringing snacks because I have a totally rational fear of going hungry. I also bought more of the gluten free brownies for Danny and then decided to make them to bring with me. I should have bought a gluten filled box but it was too late so I threw peanut butter icing over them to make them taste better. I think it was a success.
Seriously when I post this recipe, you must make the icing. It’s vegan, which I love because I can’t eat it by the spoonfuls…..(because there are no raw ingredients) and it’s made of very few ingredients.

Take a look at ‘em, wherever the heck the picture comes up because I have no clue how it works on my phone. What do you think??

Have a wonderful weekend! Can’t wait to see all my girls!

See you after college!



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Rach June 4, 2011 at 2:21 pm

Have fun!! And I’m glad to know you won’t go hungry! ;)


MelissaNibbles June 4, 2011 at 5:43 pm

Have a great time!


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