October 2011

Trick or Treat! Best Halloween Candy Choices!

October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! What a great way to start the week right? I thought it would be really fun to see what Halloween candy are the “healthiest”. I put that in quote because we’re just talking about calories here and which ones do the least damage. I’m all about treating yourself (yo’self?) on special occassions, and [...]

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What You NEED To Know!

October 29, 2011

Happy Weekend! It’s super cold and rainy here and if you live anywhere on the East coast I’m sure you’re experiencing the same weather. I can’t say I mind because all I have planned for today is the gym and working on my house. I have to tell you that my blogging is going to [...]

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Need to Warm Up? Green Egg Lemon Soup

October 27, 2011

Today is my 600th post! I can’t decide it that sounds like a lot, or not a lot, but either way I will say thank you for reading. Older readers and new, I love all of you! I know I haven’t been consistent with my blog posting but it’s not because I don’t want to [...]

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Seasonal Treats: Apple Cinnamon Granola!

October 25, 2011

Have you ever noticed that as the seasons change, your body craves different foods? All the sudden the apples come out and you start really craving those crunchy, sweet guys? That’s exactly what’s supposed to happen, which is why you can shy away from buying blueberries that cost $5.00 for a teeny tiny container in [...]

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