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by Nicole on February 28, 2013

When I found out I was pregnant I was excited to blog about my journey through pregnancy and continuing into motherhood. I always had an infatuation with pregnancy and birth..probably because I was always terrified of birth. Literally terrified. (Ask my college roommates.) Ironically enough, the person who was most afraid out of all my friends, ended up giving birth first.

I have ALWAYS loved reading pregnancy posts and birth stories…and still do. I’m amazed by them everytime because each one is SO different and so miraculous. I used to squint or be squeemish, but once you go through it, I think that all goes out the window. I’ve said before how the most important thing to be has been finding and talking to mom friends. So many of my mom friends are virtual. It’s really a weird and special place, because you can follow other bloggers pregnancies and then their birth and then watch their baby grow.

After reading Katy’s post yesterday about her post birth issues, I was shaking my head in agreement of most everything she wrote. And it got me thinking how I should share all the bloggers I check in on daily. I appreciate them as my virtual mom friend support system.

I already mentioned Katy, so I’ll start with her. Her daughter Audrey is one week older than Olivia. I love following along with what they are up to on her baby website, Bug Child. 

I’m so lucky to have Michele as a blogger turned in real life friend. Her son Ryan is one month and a day older than Liv. Michele is a super mama and getting ready for an Ironman. Most morning I’m drinking coffee while she’s running twenty something miles.

Sarah is another one of my favs. She is super REAL and down to earth. She blogs(blogged) about pregnancy, birth, being a mom and what happens post birth relating to all things but especially fitness. Jack is super cute too.

Char has a daughter Nia, who is about a month younger than Liv. She’s in school studying to be an RD and is balancing that with being a mom. I love reading her updates about Nia, who is gorgeous.

Holly also has a daughter, Adeline. She is about a month older than Liv. I look to Holly to basically tell me what I’m in for. She just started solids with her daughter and it’s so interesting to me!

Lindsay has a daughter who is a couple months older. I love checking their family blog to see what their upto, especially after their cross country move!  Her pictures of Edith are adorable and make me laugh. :)

Kath has a son Mazen who is a little more than a month older than Liv. Again, I love reading Kath’s baby blog about what she likes, doesn’t like, and to keep upto date with what they’re doing.

I hope I’m not forgetting anyone here, but these are the ones I check daily, hoping for a new post. These come to mind as my absolute favorite blogs because I can ALWAYS count on these mamas to be REAL, HONEST and tell it like it is…the good, great, bad and ugly…because let’s be honest, parenthood is ALL of that and MORE.

Who did I miss? PLEASE, PLEASE share…especially if it’s YOU! I’m always looking for more blogs to read, so link away!


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Lindsay February 28, 2013 at 11:33 am

Thank you for including me! I love our twitter chats, although I wish they all were at more decent hours. I love reading updates on your postpartum progress, Olivia updates and new mom stories. Edith is also a fan of Olivia’s and likes to see her photos on instagram


Holly February 28, 2013 at 1:22 pm

Thanks for the sweet shoutout :) I kind of love that I “know” other people going through the EXACT same stuff as us! ALL of you mommas are awesome! And even though their munchkins are nearly a year older than our kiddos- I love reading A Healthy Slice of Life and Daily Garnish to see what those tots are up to! And my IRL friend Ashley,, is such an encouragement to me! P.S. Since you know @NYCrunningmama aka Michele, does she or does she not have 8 arms!? That woman is AWESOME!


Michele @ Nycrunningmama February 28, 2013 at 7:27 pm

AHAH. Thanks, Holly =) Honestly, I am in bed super early (hello 9/930)…and my hubby is really great with getting up with the older guy (he’s going through a phase of waking up every night around 3/4), so I just worry about Ryan.
So glad we connected through Nicole – this post is awesome and SO true. I feel so much happier this time around – after my first was born I felt alone and totally isolated. I wasn’t blogging and didn’t really know of any other moms out there (except 1 of my gf’s who lived in GA).
Thank you for including me, Nicole! xo


char eats greens March 4, 2013 at 4:06 pm

This is awesome, Nicole!! And allowed me to find one more mommy blog that I didn’t know about!! I seriously love the blog world!! Nia and Liv need to become besties haha!


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