Five Things Friday!

by Nicole on March 29, 2013

Happy Friday! And Happy Easter weekend, for those of you who celebrate. We decided not to travel this weekend since there really aren’t any days off for Easter. We decided it would be a lot to pack up and go for the day or one night…AND we are just getting Olivia into her crib, we didn’t want to mess up our routine right when she’s just starting to get it.

Most importantly, don’t forget you have until noon to enter my Best Body Bootcamp giveaway!  I’m so excited because I have 4 in real life friends doing it too!

So 5 things Friday... and maybe a couple more.

1. I was scouring Jessica’s site yesterday and I found these roasted red pepper quinoa burgers I need to make.  My food processor is something I barely take out now. I need to get back into using it. I’m also thinking of making these whipped feta toasts for Easter.

2. This past month while Best Body Bootcamp was on hiatus, I went through and did a week of each of the 4 phases…which means today I will be doing 180 burpees. This makes me excited and nauseous at the same time. I can’t wait to do the fit test this weekend and see if I can beat my scores from the end of last time (a month ago).

3. My cousin Jess had off this whole week. It’s amazing how fast the week will fly when you have an adult to hang with and talk to. Any one else feel like that?

4. Heather & Kasey are launching a Rest Week to honor your body & mind to help you with body image. I think this is an amazing, amazing idea from two very smart ladies. Sign up here.  (It’s FREE.) I signed up!

5. I’m looking forward to going through my clothes this weekend and making a nice pile for donation. I have SO many clothes I barely wear anymore. I’ve been going through it for months now, since I was pregnant, but I feel like there’s so much more I can get rid of. Spring cleaning will hopefully be in full effect this weekend. I need to do Olivia’s closet too, considering it’s all 0-3 clothes which don’t fit anymore. I’m going to have more bins for her clothes than I know what to do with!

What’s going on for you this Friday? Hope you all have a great weekend and treat yourself to some good food!

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char eats greens March 29, 2013 at 10:48 pm

Those burgers look delicious…buuuuut, I’d probably leave off the bacon on mine haha!


Sarah @RunFarGirl March 30, 2013 at 6:52 am

oh spring cleaning! I have a serious need to organize every closet. Somehow over the winter they get so cluttered: especially with hats and mittens and scarves! And I too need to go through my own closet. Weed out the stuff I just don’t wear. There’s somethings that I keep hanging on to cause I think “well, what if I want to wear it and it’s not there?” But I need to get real and just get rid of stuff!


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