My First Pre-Natal Yoga Class at Breathe N Flow Yoga!

July 24, 2012

Yesterday I FINALLY went to prenatal yoga. I can’t believe I waited until after 27 weeks to head to my first class. First off, let me explain a little why it took me so long to get there and then I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t wait as long as I did. I have been [...]

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Pregnancy Fitness: Prenatal Yoga

June 12, 2012

Hi! So you know I’m continuing to stay active throughout my pregnancy with running, strength training, walking and an occasional session on the elliptical. One thing I haven’t tried is prenatal yoga. I kind of fell out of my yoga practice last fall, after doing it 1-2x a week for 2 years. I really miss [...]

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Big Happenings & Jersey Shore Hot Yoga

July 8, 2011

Happy Friday! Another weekend already? I know, not complaining! This is a big weekend for us. We have lots of plans and are focusing really on the positive. We have 2 people very interested in our apartment and I JUST KNOW that they are going to put in offers and we are going to be [...]

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Hear from a TRUE Yogi

June 21, 2011

Morning and HAPPY SUMMER! I know, I’m a little too happy for the morning, but something about being woken up by the shining sun, even if it’s earlier than I wanted to be up, makes me happy. During the week, even when I plan on sleeping in (which means 6:30), I find myself naturally waking [...]

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