Want to bite into a Juicy “Burger”?

May 9, 2011

Hello Monday! I hope that you all had wonderful a Mother’s Day and got to appreciate or be appreciated! We spent the day with my mom and went out to lunch. It was a special day for a very special person! 7 weeks is the countdown for summer vacation for me. It really doesn’t seem [...]

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A Reoccuring Favorite: Falafels

February 22, 2011

Yesterday I felt like having falafels for dinner. I have a small obsession with chickpeas. I like to find as many different ways to make them as humanly possible. There’s socca, hummus, and just having them on top of a big salad. I wanted something different, so I went with some falafels. I’ve made a [...]

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Repeat Offender: Sweet Potato Burger

November 9, 2010

Yesterday’s post started off so negative, I need to not do that today. I feel like all of the annoying things I had in my head all came true, which my sister and I refer to as “secreting” ourselves. (When everything you don’t want to happen so you think about it so much and then [...]

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Sweet Potato Burgers!

September 23, 2010

Yay it’s FRIDAYY!!! Well, it’s my Friday! I took the day off tomorrow for one of my best friend’s wedding, which is Saturday!! I had to take tomorrow off to go to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, since it’s in Rhode Island I would never get there in time if I left after work. Trust [...]

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