My Eczema Cure!

November 5, 2013

Eczema…where to start… this is such a long freaking story… Around June I noticed an eczema patch right under my right eye. I was going to the dermatologist for a full body scan (and ended up having a mole removed…GET YOUR YEARLY BODY SCANS!) and pointed the small area out to my doctor. She brushed [...]

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Oral Allergy Syndrome & Eczema Update

October 2, 2013

Morning! I thought today would be a good day to give an update on what’s going on with my eczema. On September 11th/12th I started a pretty limited diet. ¬†You can read more about what I originally decided to stop eating here. After doing this for a couple of weeks, I have found out some [...]

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My Struggle with Eczema

September 11, 2013

I’ve talked before on here how I’ve been reducing my dairy intake because of eczema. Well even with eliminating dairy, it hasn’t seem to help much because I still have flare ups…and it really hasn’t gone away completely at all in between them. Overall it’s better than it was, but it’s still here. Some days [...]

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Green Farro Salad!

June 17, 2013

Morning! I have a delicious recipe to share with you today. I’ve made this recipe 2 times now, both for barbeque’s when I get sick of the usual suspects. It’s very easy to throw together and it’s very fussy. I have a big yield down below because I love leftovers of it, but feel free [...]

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