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GF Pizza: Almond & Buckwheat Crust!

October 3, 2011

Hello Monday! Hope your weekend was restful! I have so many random things in my pantry, some of which are used ALL of the time and others…not so much. Occasionally I’ll come across an ingredients (or 5) that I haven’t used in months…or ever, and I feel the need to use it. This is exactly [...]

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New Breakfast: Sweet Quinoa

September 29, 2011

Morning! It’s so dreary out, I know I’m going to have to most likely hop on the treadmill. Oh well, such is life. Onto more important things…like food. I’ve posted about eating quinoa for breakfast in my WIAW posts for the past 2 weeks, but then I realized I never gave a real recipe for [...]

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Sweat It Out: The Day to Day

September 16, 2011

TGIF!¬†Happy Friday! Working from home certainly is an interesting thing. My day’s have been busy with clients, baking, working out and trying to put this house in some order…which hasn’t come yet. Yesterday I went for a run at 2 and couldn’t believe that this was my life. Sometimes I still can’t believe I had [...]

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Saturday Sights: Portland Trail

August 13, 2011

Hello from Maine! We left yesterday and took our time getting up here since it’s almost a 6 hour drive for us. We stopped in Portsmouth, NH for lunch, which was another very cute town. We walked around and checked out some shops, and obviously I had to assess their iced coffee before we went [...]

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