11 Random Facts!

by Nicole on January 29, 2012

Morning all! I actually posted all 7 days this week. That’s nuts! I figured this would be a great post for the weekend. The lovely Liz Ashlee tagged me in this fun random facts post!

Here it goes…because you didn’t know enough about me already… :)

11 Random Facts About Me:

1. I like extreme temperature foods. If it’s supposed to be HOT (soup, coffee, tea) it has to be borderline scalding hot for me to drink it. I only pour 1/3 cups of coffee because of this. This way it’s always hot and I get more exercise by getting up and down from the couch. Kidding

2. I live for JCREW and Trader Joe’s. And Tory Burch Reva’s. And Kookaburra coffee (local coffee shop).

3. I came home to $50 in JCREW rewards yesterday. How that happened I don’t know…but I know it’s bad….yet so good.

4. Carrots are like candy to me. I can eat a full bag at a sitting…and have.

5. I snack on weird food and my family tells me I’m weird all the time. I think it’s a compliment.

6. Things I don’t really care about which drives my sister NUTTY: Being right, having the last word, making a plan for the day and being on time.  (Unless it’s something super important, like a workout class, then I’ll be on time.)

7. I DO NOT judge what you are eating. I am not perfect and neither are you. I don’t pay attention to what you order or are snacking on. What’s good for me, is good for me, what’s good for you, is good for you.

8. I stare at my phone A LOT. I say WHAT? A LOT. I need to get better about this.

9. Mornings are my all time favorite part of the day. I can get up early because I pass out by 9 or 10 every night. I’m a barrel o’ fun.

10. I could drink coffee all day. It’s a literal daily struggle not to.

11. I LOVE love. I get sad and cry when things aren’t a happy ending. This goes for movies, shows, plays, real life, etc. I cry at everything including, but not limited to, How I Met Your Mother and Up All Night.

Questions I had to answer:

1. Who are your fitness role models? My fitness role models are Jamie Eason, Tosca Reno and MANY, MANY,MANY of the FitFluential Ambassadors. They rock and so do their bodies!

2. Do you prefer cooking at home or eating at a restaurant? HOME all the way!

3. Favorite quote or words you live by? Follow Your Bliss! And follow your heart…my mama’s been saying that to my sister and I since we were little. 

4. Favorite running shoes? Brooks Ravenna’s. On my third pair.

5. Which do you prefer, strength training or cardio? Favorite workout routine? I prefer cardio, but I’m trying to love the weights more. I love Jamie Eason’s Live Fit program, Body Rock or Tone it Up.

6. Music that makes you move? Anything POP or Glee. So cheesy I know.

7. Favorite indulgent food that you would eat everyday if nutritious facts didn’t matter? Bread and ice cream. 

8. What are you are grateful for? Oh my goodness, SO MUCH. My husband, my family, my friends. Those are the tops three. I’m so incredibly lucky and blessed, I could go on and on. My health, my loved one’s health, my business, my house, the support from everyone I love. Just so much.

9. Biggest pet peeve? How do you deal with it? Hmm..I probably have a bunch. I hate the quote, “If —– is wrong, I don’t want to be right”. I also don’t like “nom nom nom”. Did that just annoy someone? Probably. Sorry. :)

10. How do you get rid of the grumps or a negative story in your head? I *try* to replace it with positive thoughts. Or I just call a friend who is just as crazy as me. 

11. Greatest piece of advice for living a healthy lifestyle? It’s a choice. It doesn’t happen easily, but take one step, then another. Set small goals and stick to them! Pay attention to how you feel when you eat better! 

Ahhhh enough about me. What about you? Answer one of the questions and tell me something random about YOU! I know I’m breaking the rules here, but consider yourself TAGGED if you want to be! Post this on your blog to do something fun!

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[email protected] January 29, 2012 at 8:13 am

o0o I love posts like this! I have a mini obsession with JCew as well. I know it’s going to be the best day ever when I wake up to an email saying there’s an extra 40% off sale item :)


Jaime January 29, 2012 at 8:23 am

it is scary how much we are alike! The J.Crew obsesh (you have no idea – well actually, yes you do), the whole bag of carrots thing (this is a daily occurrence for me – oh hey orange hands and feet!), the bread and ice cream answer to number 7 (I literally say these exact two foods – vegan versions tho ;) – all the time when people ask me that very question), the eating of “weird foods” – well, other people think they’re weird – I think they are totally normal and healthy and awesome ;) , and the loving love (I am such a hopeless romantic) – ALL so me! No wonder we get along so well ;)


Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen) January 29, 2012 at 9:17 am

I already loved you Nicole, but now I do just a little bit more! This was perfect and while I always knew you and I thought a lot alike, now I think it even more! From the 1st list, number 4 and 5 are dead on for me too. Number 1 is too, but I get a whole cup and drink it super fast. It amazes Tony how fast I can down a hot cup of coffee. Oh and #7 all the way! From the 2nd list, #9, ugh…I hate both of those. Also, #11 is said perfectly!

Love your facts!
Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen) recently posted..Dress It Up!My Profile


Kat January 29, 2012 at 11:46 am

I love love too :) But mine could be because I was born on valentines day. I think its like in my genes or something ;)
Kat recently posted..My Perfect Saturday In A Few WordsMy Profile


Mary @ Bites and Bliss January 29, 2012 at 6:29 pm

I’m the same way with carrots!! My boyfriend’s mom calls me a rabbit and is sure to have 3 bags of baby carrots for me whenever we visit- haha!!
Mary @ Bites and Bliss recently posted..20 Surprising Benefits of Cold ShowersMy Profile


Pure2raw twins January 31, 2012 at 7:41 am

haha I am the same away about food when it comes to temperature!! and my family tells me my food is weird all the time, but finally over the years they are starting to enjoy this “weird” food too.
Pure2raw twins recently posted..best way to get sore absMy Profile


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