14 Weeks: Pregnancy Update

by Nicole on April 25, 2012

HI guys!

It’s Wednesday and I figured I owe you some updates! My sister had off yesterday so I got to  take full advantage of having her around…and spend time with her. Since she got a new job and has been working insane amounts, I haven’t seen much of her. Of course I feel like she’s been at the new job forever, but it has been a month tomorrow.

Yesterday she helped me get some work done for Pure Bliss, which I was yet again, so thankful for having an extra set of hands. SO much more gets done that way and I’m so grateful to have a family willing to help so much. We also took a detour to Old Navy. I wanted to look at their maternity section and she needed pants. Luckily my pants still fit, because I basically mourned the fact there is no such thing as maternity “fashion” at the Old Navy maternity section.

So to combine a little What I Ate Wednesday with my 14 week update…

turkey meatloaf, brown rice couscous & veggies

chicken soup

veggie burger, spinach & mozzarella on a wrap

edamame guacamole

I’ve been eating: still the same egg on a brown rice wrap with ketchup and fruit for breakfast. I’m starting to get sick of it, but have no desire for anything else at all. I’ve still been eating a lot of fruit, which I’m okay with because sweets are basically non-existent. I’ve had a couple bites of things here and there and they basically give me an immediate stomachache. Not fun.

Other foods: I’m still indifferent to dinner. Two nights ago I made salmon and then ate about 1 ounce of it because I was disgusted by it. I ended up having a salad in a brown rice wrap grilled on panini press. Last night I made meatloaf and Lundberg Farms brown rice couscous which was amazing. It’s hit or miss for me with that meal.

Still hating: smoothies, oatmeal, peanut butter, beans (except lentils).

Clothes: I bought 3 maternity tops from GAP and I am obsessed. I LOVE long tops and even though I don’t really need them I still love them. Most of my pants fit, but I did use the hair tie trick (loop a hair tie through pant loop and secure) on my fav pair of white jeans after they were cutting off my circulation. I bought some tees from Old Navy, but I just got them in a size up than I usually would buy. I’m sure I will laugh at these in late summer, but for the next couple of months they will work.

Belly: My belly is definitly starting to round out to me. I also have a pretty nice muffin top going on in some of my pants. It’s hard not to feel huge sometimes at the end of the day, but I know right now, I’m so far away from huge.

clothes still fitting

Sleep: Sleep has been SO much better this week. I’m still decently tired by 5, but I don’t feel like I’ve been completely hit by a bus like I have the past 13 weeks.

Exercise: Still going strong.  I ran on the treadmill yesterday and I was SO bored. Still doing 3 days of running (with some walking breaks if needed), 3-4 days of weights and spin/elliptical. I need to commit to stretching more though!

Other pregnancy symptoms: minor headaches and the start of heartburn at night. Crankiness is at a low this week (in my opinion). Joy!

Next doctor appointment: Friday! I’m excited to go and see what’s up! And Danny is coming with me this time too.

Something fun to read: Even though I have a few years before I turn 30, check out: Turning 30: 30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know thanks to Tara for sharing on facebook!

Have a happy hump day! :)

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Lindsay April 25, 2012 at 10:05 am

I ordered a pair of full panel skinny jeans from old navy and I love them- as for finding items in the store no luck. If you do end up deciding to get any pants from Old Navy they run big
Lindsay recently posted..The Last Getaway: Part ThreeMy Profile


Anna @ On Anna's Plate April 25, 2012 at 11:56 am

I think pregnancy is the only time when going to the doctor is fun, ha. We got so excited for each appointment– I hope yours goes well!
Anna @ On Anna’s Plate recently posted..Adios, Breastpump. See you in hell.My Profile


Elizabeth April 25, 2012 at 1:21 pm

Congratulations, Nicole! I loved reading your update. :) I spent much of the weekend shopping for my soon-to-arrive niece or nephew. Beyond excited.


Michele @ nycrunningmama April 26, 2012 at 9:46 am

Catching up on blogs from yesterday since I was out all day =) You look fantastic!!! Glad to hear that some pants are still fitting and that you are getting some great workouts in!! I’m down to my leggings and 2 pairs of jeans. LOL. Mostly in yoga pants these days though =)
PS. Super excited that you are thinking about waiting!!! YAY!!!
Michele @ nycrunningmama recently posted..ING NYC Marathon Opening DayMy Profile


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