Products I’m Using: Fragrance & Meisthiazolinone Free

by Nicole on November 14, 2013

After finding out I’m allergic to fragrance and C+meisthiazolinone (and 3 other things, but these are the ones in the majority of products I was in contact with) I had to remove them from my daily existence.

I figured out that ALL of the Yes To brand products I was using were the main irritant and what caused my face rash. It’s listed on that label as “fragrance”. In addition it was also in my shampoo, conditioner and shaving cream. (I was also using Yes to cucumbers shampoo & conditioner.) I was using Yes to Carrots body lotion as well.

At first I thought I could get away with not switching my shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Then I thought I could use “natural” fragrances, such as things with lavender or peppermint in it. I quickly realized that everytime I used these things, although not in direct contact to my face, it was still an irritant and the spots were coming back.

My blog friend (and let me say…savior) Katie came to my rescue. She has the SAME allergies as me and has been dealing with this since she was 17. I credit 99& of this list to her. She sent a VERY indepth email with her favorite products, fragrance and meisthiazolinone free.

Now, I’m still trying to use natural products and I’m mostly avoiding parabens, but it’s even tougher now. Not many things are completely fragrance free.  I was trying to use Honest Company products, but I can’t use them right now. Maybe I can use the body oil or lotion on my body, but I know I can’t use it on my face because it has natural extracts in it.

I’ve switched completely to fragrance free (and meisthiazolinone free). Maybe I’ll get to a point where I can go back occasionally, like when I get my hair done, but not anytime soon.

Face & Body Soap:  Kiss My Face Olive Oil Bar (Pure Olive Oil Bar soap. Has only 3 ingredients.)

Shampoo & Conditioner: Jason fragrance free & Whole Foods fragrance free.

Shave Cream: Kiss My Face Moisture Shave Fragrance Free

Face Lotion: Clinque yellow or pink. I got samples of these and haven’t picked which I’ll use long term

Body Lotion: Kiss My Face fragrance free

Hair Spray: Clinque. It’s not aerosol. Again maybe I can use minimal amounts of hair products one day, but until my skin is completely free and clear, I’m staying away.

The other issue I had was dish soap, hand soap, cleaning products and laundry detergent. They all typically contain both fragrance and meisthiazolinone. Dish soap isn’t really a problem because I don’t really wash dishes (ever?) and if I need to, I have a sponge on a wand thing.

I was also concerned about dishwasher detergent, even though the hot dry would probably make it okay. I did find detergent from Honest company that is both fragrance and meisthiazolinone free.  I’m also using the laundry pods from Honest Company which are both fragrance and meisthiazolinone free as well. As far as hand soap, I alternate between just using the kiss my face soap and Dr. Bronner’s. I just try not to touch my face really throughout the day.

Unfortunately I have gone through my things and tossed a LOT of things. Hair products, body lotions, make up primers, sunscreens, etc. Lots of money tossed, but I’m just glad to know what my issue is now.

Again, so many thanks to Katie who helped me out! Hope anyone else who is dealing with the same allergies finds this helpful. I also greatly encourage anyone with eczema to go get an allergy skin and patch test! You never know what you’ll find out!

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Katie November 15, 2013 at 11:00 pm

You are so so welcome. I feel like I’ve tried every fragrance free product by now over the last eleven years – haha! In fact I tweeted you tonight before seeing you wrote this about Chapstick! It’s such a hassle to deal with and I’m so glad my list made life easier for you! I will be posting basically my email on my blog soon! Xoxo


Scent-Free Canada November 18, 2013 at 11:26 am

I’ve compiled a collection of scent-free products (all free of essential oils & irritating plant extracts) that might help you. Many products are available in the US too.


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