Food Lately and What I’m Making for Easter!

by Nicole on April 17, 2014

Good morning!

Another cold front, huh? So basically all we talk about is the weather. We did go outside to play yesterday, but we didn’t log in all the hours we had been when it was in the 70s over the weekend! I even wore my winter jacket on our post dinner walk around the block.

I’ve been still working on my food budget, but last week I got a little lax. I spent around $160, which isn’t bad because I had my family over for pizza and salad on Sunday. We needed a little bit extra and I also bought a couple of things for Easter dinner.

I also bought a package of organic beef & chicken from Amazon Local, so I worked that into our budget for April and May. It came with 13 pieces of meat (2 pieces chicken, the rest steak/beef), all different cuts, so I figure that will be enough for two months, eating from that about once a week. It was $99, so comes to about $12 a week. Fun to switch it up and be able to eat (organic) steak!

Other things we’ve been eating:


Pizza! I made three pizzas on Sunday. Red, arugula salad & cauliflower. I really need to make a video on how to make cauliflower pizza because I’ve had 5 friends text me in the past week that they’ve tried to make it from other recipes & they’ve failed.


Pork Chops! Before a month ago I hadn’t bought pork chops….ever? We ate them growing up and I always liked them…but I just never bought them myself. I made this recipe (again) from PaleOMG. I used water in place of OJ because we don’t keep oj in the house.


Huge salads with homemade balsamic dijon dressing. I just do 1/3 cup EVOO, 3 tbsp balsamic and 2 tbsp dijon and mix it up. It makes enough for a couple of salads, depending on the size of them.


Coconut flour waffles: breakfast for dinner every Thursday!

Homemade Larabars: I just combine dates & peanut or cashews. Sometimes I’ll throw in hemp and/or chia seeds and chocolate chips. I usually do about 8 dates and 1 cup peanuts and go from there. Just process them in the food processor until they come together. It’s easier if you put the peanuts in first and grind them up and then add dates. (We typically buy a case a month from amazon subscribe and save because they’re easier to store and take on the go, but when I run out I’ll make my own.)

What I’m contributing for Easter:

My mom’s hosting Easter dinner but I love helping out. I’m going to make these bacon wrapped candied butternut squash bites, a big green salad (with greens, candied pecans, avocado, tomatoes, feta) and these lasagna love muffins (I won’t be using zucchini or the ground turkey).

I also may have to make these Reese’s eggs…most likely with peanut butter.

Yum. My grandma used to make Italian Easter Pie. I wish I had a picture of what it looked like, but after searching around it was very similar to this one. I have her recipe somewhere, so one year I’ll have to make it. It was amazing. I remember coming home from college and just devouring it in absurd amounts.

What have you been eating lately? Planning on cooking/baking for Easter? 

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