Vlog: Making Hummus

December 19, 2011

Morning! Happy Monday! What a whirlwind this weekend was. FitFluential came in, in a big way this weekend to NYC. I got to meet up with Kelly Olexa, MizFit, Jill Hanner, Alfonso the Angry Trainer & Bonnie & Steve Pfiester, Toby Amidor, Jess Prince and Cat Tan.  It was so fun getting to meet people [...]

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Want to Save Calories? Try Almost Oil-Free Pesto!

August 10, 2011

Good morning! After I finish this post, I’m going to tend to more important things, like catch up on the Pretty Little Liars episode from last night…so let me share this post nice and quick. I get a lot of my cooking (and cabinet clean out) inspiration from the blog world. Lately I’ve seen two [...]

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A Reoccuring Favorite: Falafels

February 22, 2011

Yesterday I felt like having falafels for dinner. I have a small obsession with chickpeas. I like to find as many different ways to make them as humanly possible. There’s socca, hummus, and just having them on top of a big salad. I wanted something different, so I went with some falafels. I’ve made a [...]

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Fridays and A Socca Revisit

February 11, 2011

I love Fridays. Fridays mean I only have to work until 2:40. Fridays mean I go to Trader Joe’s and buy copious amounts of things that are always in my pantry. Don’t tell my husband. Oh wait, he knows. (Why do I buy almond and peanut butter like it is going out of style?) Fridays [...]

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