Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good Riddance Day!

Good Morning! Today feels like the first day of my break after all the (good) craziness of Christmas and driving back and forth. Yesterday really was the first day of calmness, but Danny took the day off so it really just felt like a weekend. We had a relaxing morning and walked to the gym and did some shopping at Americana in Manhasset. We also spent a ton of money some good quality time at Whole Foods.
I picked up a couple things at Whole Foods that I have never had before. I try to get a couple new things every time I'm there so it doesn't rack up $$$$ all at once.

This time I tried....Mary's Gone Crackers onion flavor. It is made with brown rice, quinoa and seeds and they are SO good. They are NOT overly processed crackers and they are delicious. 

I also bought cacao nibs to make yogurt or smoothies more interesting. It is just raw cacao chopped up (the stuff chocolate is made from).  I also bought real cranberries because I was annoyed that all the dried cranberries that I found had added sugar to them. So I am thinking about muffins with real cranberries instead of dried.

I bought a couple other things like a huge loaf of whole grain bread and hard goat cheese.  (And if you haven't ever tried hard goat cheese, you are MISSING out!) Danny and I snacked on provolone and goat cheese while I made a quick chili for dinner. 

Right now I am watching the TODAY show (weird how I never usually do that) and they just did a segment on an even NYC is having right now. In NYC they are having Good Riddance Day this week in Times Square. People can go to Times Square and write down what they want to get rid of in 2010 and then stick it in a giant shredder. People are writing down things like: Pounds (obvious one), Ex's (another obvious), credit cards, debt, etc.  I will be doing to Times Square at some point this week so I am thinking about what I would write down.  If it was last year if would have been credit card debt, but we successfully accomplished that in November.
I would write down: people with bad attitudes, excess paper, worrying and clutter. 

The last two I don't particularly do a lot, but I think if I could I would totally rid of it. What would you write down if you could go to Times Square???? Obviously, (as I tell my students) there is no right or wrong answer! 

*I plan on baking some muffins today so hopefully I will get to share a recipe later! 


Christine said...

Hard goat cheese sounds really interesting- i'll have to try that!

I agree with the bad attitudes- this is highly supported by the grumpy people at the mall today!

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