Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blogiversary and Strawberry Almond Salad!

Yesterday was my blogiversary! I can't believe it's been one year already. You know that my past week has been up and down so my posting hasn't been regular. I will go back to normal posting at some point but for now I'm just trying to deal with life as it comes. The weird part about losing my grandma is that it has been so quick. The wake, the funeral came and went and now life is supposed to go back to normal, except it hasn't. Thank you for sticking with me through my weird schedule. Right now I'm trying to spend time with my family and Danny's as much as I can (which is a lot for most probably) to take me to a better place.

Anyways, over the past year a lot has happened. I started this blog as a way to share recipes with my family and it has evolved into so much more.

Somethings I've shared over the past year:

My undying love of coffee...

some race recaps, my love for running and other exercise classes

cookies, brownies, bars, all healthy and not so healthy, (because that's what it is all about)

Stories of time spent with family and friends, who are the most dear to my heart.

Oh and we can't forget my love of salads. 

Strawberry Almond Salad
- 3 big handfuls of spring mix (or any type)
- 6 black olives cut in half
- 4 strawberries cut into slices
- 1 carrot, peeled and sliced
- 1/2 red pepper, chopped
- 1 tbsp sliced almonds
- 1 Dr.Praegar's California vegetable burger (optional)
- balsamic vinaigrette

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl or plate. Add the vegetable burger to the top.

I've also learned SO much from all of you. I've learned about goji berries, hemp seed, cacao nibs, spelt flour, Amazing Grass, flax seeds, raw recipes/desserts, juices and so much more. I am so much more knowledgeable from the blogging community. 

What is your favorite thing about the blogging community?


Jessica @ How Sweet said...

Congrats on 1 year! I am so sorry about your grandma. :( I lost both of mine this past year and it really stinks. Here's to another year of great blogging! :)

Christine@Grub, Sweat and Cheers said...

Happy blogiversary! I've really enjoyed your wonderful recipes, pictures and stories - long may they continue!

hbobier @ Basil Vodka said...

Happy One Year!!! Looks like you've gotten a lot accomplished--especially with all those races.

My favorite thing about the blogging community is the motivation. Well, they worked out today...I probably should too!

That and the recipes. I mean come on. How many awesome ideas have I gotten from blogs? The answer: a lot.

Congrats again on a great year!

Autumn @Good Eats Girl said...

Happy blogiversary!

So sorry to hear about your grandma...definitely something that is so hard to go through.

Estela @ Weekly Bite said...

Happy One Year :)

I'm so happy I found your blog!!

I'm so very sorry to hear about your loss... I know how incredibly difficult it is... you are in my prayers :)

Simply Life said...

Congrats on a fabulous year! I looove learning about so many new products and creative ways to enjoy them!

Lisa said...

Just visiting you from the Picket Fence blog list and wanted to say Happy !st Blogiversary!!! How exciting! You've got some wonderful recipes here.

I lost my grandmother 18 yrs. ago and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss her terribly. We were very close. She was like my best friend. There are so many things I wish I could share with her now that I have children. You are in my prayers.

Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said...

Happy Blog Anniversary!!! So glad we've become blog buddies! :)

emily (a nutritionist eats) said...

Happy One Year!!! xoxo

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said...

Congrats on the anniversary! I love the friendships I have gotten from blogging. I am so happy that I found your blog! I hope you are doing well! You know you remain in my thoughts. said...

i feel the same way nicole! how much more we know because of each other and how wonderful it is to have such a supportive network of people....happy anniversary!

pegasuslegend said...

so sorry and sad to read, much of what you are will be carried on through your love, your blog is awesome keep this in her spirit always,.

the actor's diet said...

happy blogiversary! blogging has enriched my life in so many ways - a community, making new friends, figuring out my own crap publically, but mostly i love learning about new food!

Jessica (Healthy Exposures) said...

Happy Blogiversary, Nicole! I am certainly glad I found your blog as you've definitely inspired my fair share of dinners along the way :)And lets be honest - I'm always drooling over your muffins and scones :)

My thoughts are with you and your family, too. So sorry to hear the news :( Take as much time with your family as you want - we can wait :)

Pure2raw twins said...

Happy Blogiversary. Crazy how time flys? Sorry to hear about your grandma (sorry this is late, I am new to your blog). You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

The thing I love about the blogging community is being able to connect with so many great people..and making friends.

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

happy blogiversary!!! Mine is actually i think on the 27 or 28th, we are a week apart! yes, a crazy year, in a good way, have learned so much and made friends that i never thought would really be "real"...but you are all just as real as if you were living down the street from me :)

so sorry again for your loss, too. hugs and deepest empathy!

Josh Healy said...

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Fit Chick in the City said...

Happy Blogoversary!

Big Hug!

Trix said...

Sorry to be late to the party, but happy blogoversary!! SO glad to have "met" you!!

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