Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Rant!

Happy Friday everyone! How is the start of everyone's weekend? Mine is wonnddeeeful! Did anyone else have a really long work week? I did! I fell asleep at 8:30 last night on the couch, which isn't that weird for me, but still it was early. 

Thank you for all the comments on my cute stickers I bought. I purchased them from They were very easy to customize and were a reasonable price. 

Here is my recap of yesterday:

I got my second organic box of fruits and vegetables filled with lots of goodness. Last time I called it a CSA, but it really isn't considering the fruits and veges mostly come from California and Mexico for now. Some of it isn't labeled, but I hope as the summer gets closer and warmer here it will be more local. If not I will have to look into changing to an actual CSA, but for now this is good. It's so worth it to get this huge box for $45.00. 

More swiss chard, this time it's rainbow, and some romaine too.

Chives, broccoli, bananas, oranges, apples, sweet potatoes, 
white potatoes, pears, broccoli and grapefruit

I was psyched that my yoga mat I ordered came in too! Don't you just love when you get packages/good mail, even when you pay for them?

Aurorae yoga mat 

You know I always prepare my salads on Sunday for the entire week. I usually put basically the same thing in them every time, so because of Sabrina's (from RhodeyGirlTests) salad challenge I am going to try and switch it up a little bit this week. Ya know how it's such a small world, right? A couple of weeks ago I was googling honey balsamic dressing and her blog came up. I clicked it and immediately I was like I know that girl! After doing some reading I realized we went to college together! How funny is that? She had just posted that recipe that day too!

romaine, red onion, cherry tomatoes, sprouts, carrots, mushrooms, goat cheese, hummus

On another note, I have to rant for a second. Yesterday I was so excited to get home and go for a run in beautiful Forest Park that's about a mile from my house. I got home and sat for a couple of minutes and then put on my running clothes and took off. I was so enjoying myself and my music until I got to the park. 

I can't even tell you the amount of people talking on cell phones and smoking cigarettes. I probably saw 10 people on cell phones and more than 10 smoking. I really, really tried to not let it bother me because I was outside running and the day was beautiful, but the smell of smoke REALLY upsets me when I am trying to workout. I just don't understand how people can be in a park that is for walking and running and just smoke. Maybe I am just too against it (is it possible to be TOO against smoking??), but it is really frustrating to be smelling smoke when I am trying to be healthy and exercise. 

Then there are the people that are talking on cell phones while walking, running and biking. I just find exercising to be such a release for me and it really is my time to be away from technology. I really cherish my time to "unconnect" from the world and to get out and walk or run. I didn't let this totally ruin my run, just a little bit. :) Am I alone here? Does this annoy you too?

Okay, I'm done ranting! I am trying to make gluten free naan, so I'll letcha know how it goes! 

Have a happy Friday night!


pegasuslegend said...

awesome and healthy perfect foods!

Travel Eat Love said...

I run in downtown Boston most of the time, and I feel like EVERYONE smokes in clusters on the sidewalk. It kills me. I usually make a loud gagging noise as I run by :)

healthyexposures said...

Looks like a great box for a low cost! I'd love to get involved in something like that.
And you are SO not alone with the phone and smoking thing. Drives me nuts! I hate public telephone calls and smoking to begin with too, though. Smoking most - I don't mind if you're meanering down the street talking to people if you;re still polite - but please, don't come into a store and yack as loud as you can for ten minutes before doing anything. And I hate when people smoke right by an exit so you walk into a cloud of cigarette smoke right before entering/after leaving. Ugh!

Simply Life said...

wow, what a fun delivery!

wendy said...

Ask me about my cigarette smoking neighbor and my battles with her one day. TGIF!!!

Wendy :)

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

good luck on the naan!
and the csa box is gorgeous but yea the non local thing is a little annoying

and smoking. in 2010 why does anyone smoke anymore??

and cell phones. indeed annoying. people's phones go off during the yoga classes i teach and trust me i wanna chuck em out the window!

katie said...

Don't get me started! i can't stand how EVERYONE is always on their cell phone! we are losing the ability to enjoy the present.

and I really can't stand people talking on their cell phones when they're with their children! i've even seen moms walking babies in strollers and they are on their phone or have their ipods on....missing out on constant opportunities to talk to and engage with their child.

i know i'm out of the loop and not mainstream, but have you thought about running without your ipod? it would also open up a whole new world! not always, just to mix it up a bit! =)

Trix said...

I don't understand how people read and talk and do all kinds of things when they work out either, I like to get in the zone ... but I'll tell you the weirdest thing I ever saw ... it was at my old gym, and a rather heavy woman was walking (sort of) on the treadmill while ... are you ready for it ... EATING A SALAD with a fork. I am serious.

Emily Ziegler said...

I fall asleep at 8:30 every night..

...My kinda woman ;-)

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