Sunday, April 25, 2010

Eggplant Parmigiana Sandwich

Good evening! Once again this weekend has flown by, it came and went, but that's okay because it's only a four day week for me! Danny and I are heading to NJ for our first weekend at his parent's beach house for the season. We haven't been in months so we are really, really looking forward to meeting his family there and celebrating some birthdays. My nephew was 10 last week and I want to cry, he's so old now. 

I did change my blog layout a little bit and some of you have told me that the page is easier to load, which I'm SO glad about! Thanks for all the lovely compliments! 

This weekend was a little busy so I didn't really have time to blog. Friday night I was so busy picking out a movie to watch (Sherlock Holmes) and then falling asleep to it. (Story of my life.) Yesterday I met up with 2 of my friends and had ice coffee and got manicures and pedicures. It was much needed girl time and Beth even treated me for my nails, which was beyond nice! :) We made some family stops by my grandma's and then hung out and had dinner with my family for the rest of the night. We ordered from an Asian fusion restaurant and  got a bunch of different types of sushi and noodles and other things. It was so good, but I was a bad blogger and didn't take any pictures. 

Here are some of my eats over the weekend in no particular order:

more juice (obsessed) 1/2 beet, 1 carrots, 1 apple, 1 small piece ginger, handful of spinach, 1/2 lemon

Does anyone ever use a pear in their juice??

omelette with mushrooms and red onion with a side salad with avocado and sprouts (also with 1/2 ezekial english muffins with butter)

obviously a scone (or 3)

Then today I had the pleasure of going to a new healthy,vegetarian restaurant called Otarian, thanks for Foodbuzz. (I will be reviewing it tomorrow.) While in the city we stopped at Crate and Barrel where I picked up 2 amazingly handy things.
a huge colander (why I never had one, I have NO idea)

and this neat little dressing container that mixing up your dressing for you!
obsessed! (honey balsamic dressing in there)

Then for dinner I had to think quick because I didn't have any meat left for Danny and I was planning on making focaccia bread sandwiches. I opened the fridge and decided he would like eggplant parm sandwiches, so I went with it. He's the only person in the world that could stand in the kitchen with me, helping me, watching me cook and still have NO clue what I'm making.

For the focaccia bread I used 2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour, 1/2 cup millet flour, 1 1/4 spelt flour

1 egg and about 2 cups of (whole wheat) breadcrumbs each seasoned with a sprinkle of sea salt, black pepper, oregano, basil and parsley. Coat each side of the pieces of eggplant in first the egg, than the breadcrumbs.

Lightly fried in canola oil, about 5-7 minutes on each side. 

I know the lighting is TERRIBLE, but again it was pretty dark out when we ate! 

Eggplant Parmigiana Sandwich

1 eggplant (cut into circles)
1 egg
2 cups whole wheat breadcrumbs
canola oil
sea salt, black pepper, oregano, basil, parsley (a generous sprinkle of each)
mozzarella cheese
focaccia (or any other) bread
1 can crushed tomatoes

Cut the eggplant into circles. Lay out on a cutting board and sprinkle with salt to draw out the bitterness. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and rinse off. Pat the eggplant dry. Using a large frying pan, pour canola oil in it about 1/4 inch high. Turn on to medium heat. Meanwhile, take each piece of eggplant and dip it into the egg first (both sides) and then the breadcrumb. Make sure each side coats well. Place each piece in the heated oil and let cook until golden brown on both sides (about 5-7 minutes). 

While the eggplant is cooked open the crushed tomato can and heat on the stove in a small saucepan. Season with 1/2 tsp sea salt, 1/2 tsp black pepper and 1 tsp each of parsley, oregano and basil. (Taste to make sure it's enough seasoning!) Take the eggplant out of the pan and put on a plate with a towel to soak up extra oil.

Make sandwiches of the eggplant, sauce, mozzarella cheese on focaccia bread. Enjoy!

*Note: You can bake this in the oven, which would be healthier. I wanted to make it quicker, so I lightly fried it. I was wanting some fried eggplant, so I just went with it. :) 

How was your weekend? Have you bought any fun gadgets lately? Have a relaxing rest of the night!


pegasuslegend said...

omg this is the best eggplant instructions I love it and your picts are gorgeous yum!!

healthyexposures said...

That salad mixer thing looks so handy! And glad you had a great weekend :)
The dinner looks amazing, as always. Eggplant parmigiana was going to be the first thing I wanted to try wiith eggplant - now I'm on my 3rd eggplant ever and STILL haven't tried it! With my next one :P Hey, at least I discovered that I love eggplant so much that it doesn't last long enough for me to really experiment, right? :P

Katie said...

I was just looking at a recipe for eggplant parmigiana about an hour ago and trying to convince the hubby to give it a try. Yours looks yummy so I'm definitely going to have to try it now. Thanks :)

Simply Life said...

I love the new look! how are you finding all these great templates and backgrounds?!

Christine said...

I love the new layout! So easy!

That sandwich looks great- can't wait to read that review!

Noelle said...

I should NOT be reading this when I am hungry!! And I had a green monster smoothie about 2 hours ago! Gerrr. This stuff is great. Nice quick dinner congrats!

lynn @ the actors diet said...

i need a huge collander!

Emily Ziegler said...

Delicious and healthy. My kinda dish :-)

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