Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Re-cap

I usually don't post on Sundays, but I know that my blog posting will be lacking this week, so I decided to post today.  In less than um...8 hours we will be on a flight to Costa Rica!! I don't even care I have to wake up at 4 to leave for the airport. We have a long layover when we get to San Jose unless by some miracle we get in early and we can catch the earlier flight to Tamarindo. (I'm staying positive and thinking we will...) I will miss reading your blogs, but I will have 2 days when I get back to catch up on what I missed.  

Thank you for all the amazing, wonderful and thoughtful comments on my post yesterday. It was hard to write, but I knew it had to be written. If you missed it, make sure you check it out. It meant so much to me to read what you thought, I really just felt like if one person could learn a lesson or pass on something to a loved one it was worth it. And I know Aunt Louise would feel the same. I have such wonderful readers!

Yesterday I went to a wedding shower for my friend Meg. I couldn't write anything about it before because it was a surprise! It was at a beautiful place and we had a great time.  Here are some highlights from the day:

The beautiful bride after she walked in.
While we were unwrapping presents. 
We were like a well oiled machine, each one of us had a job.
Hat designer and flower maker. They did SUCH good jobs! 

The next time I post I will be in sunny Costa Rica! Can't wait to get there and be in the sun, pool, beach, sand, etc. 



have fun in costa rica! i was there years ago - there are chocolate covered nuts everywhere!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

OMG have a wonderful time in CR and please, don't post! Enjoy your life and your vacay and this crazy sphere will be here when you get home but til then, ENJOY IT ALL!!! Ive been there and it's amazing, savor it nicole!

pegasuslegend said...

HAppy fun safe trip to you read you when you cant back! You will be sure to have an amazing time!

Christine @ Grub, sweat and cheers said...

Enjoy yourself & have a great trip!

Travel Eat Love said...

I can't wait to read alllll about your trip! Have a blast and a well deserved rest!

anutritionisteats said...

I hope you have an amazing trip!!!!!

Simply Life said...

Looks like a great time...have a wonderful trip!!!

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